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I am Hayley Folk — a storyteller and digital media strategist — aiming to utilize creative initiatives to help others bring their vision to life. Through Hayley’s Comment, I facilitate business and entrepreneurial growth through various digital specialty services and an ever-so-important personal touch.

In its origin, Hayley’s Comment began as a platform to share my own ideas, my work in the journalism sphere and to showcase my continued dedication toward the art of words. Just as I have evolved, Hayley’s Comment has also. Through my various experience — helping set the framework of a political news start-up, building a nonprofit’s social presence and sharing impactful stories — I have seen the importance of quality, consistency and clarification throughout a brand, content and online presence. Today, Hayley’s Comment has transformed into a hub for the digital services that every business, entrepreneur or personal brand needs.

Whether you are in need of content creation, social media, consulting, branding, website building or copywriting - my team and I have your best back. I look forward to hearing from you.


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