Just some of the things we’ve been workin’ on.


morningside recovery

In working with Morningside Recovery, the rehabilitation center needed a new way of marketing their detoxification center in Orange County, CA. Hayley helped the company through this process. She staffed, directed and edited the final versions of marketing photos of the facility for social media as well as the company website. Along with this, she managed the company social media platforms, as well as providing press release writing for them from time to time.

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ice grill brush

Hayley managed paid media campaigns, via Facebook, for the start-up Ice Grill Brush. During the 3 month long campaign, over 10,000+ viewers visited and engaged with Ice Grill Brush, leading to conversions.

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Loving mind institute

In working with Loving Mind Institute, a non-profit aimed at dedicating scientific advancement in the world of addition and mental health treatment, Hayley aided the organization in consulting for social media, press coverage and best practices. She secured the Loving Mind Institute founder, Marion J. Riggs, a spot on Bold Global Media’s weekly show to discuss his mission statement and call to action.