Hayley's Comment offers businesses and entrepreneurs several different digital services necessary to growing and maintaining an online presence. 

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  • Daily management of social media platforms 
  • Scheduling posts
  • Audience engagement 
  • Action plan
  • Managing analytics
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  • Editing your website content according to your preferred style
  • Providing edits to existing content such as articles, blogs, newsletters, print work, etc. 
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  • Website copy
  • Blogging
  • Articles
  • Newletters
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  • Developing a plan to achieve your digital marketing goals
  • Utilize paid advertisements to gain exposure from your target audience
  • Execute an effective digital marketing plan 
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  • Gathering and sharing relevant information that pertains to your specific audience
  • Presenting SEO-driven content to gain exposure to your website
  • Audience engagement 
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  • Format and design a resume fit to your style
  • Rewrite and edit existing resume
  • Build out your resume to attract potential job offers